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Purchase an RPR™ license in 2018 and reap the benefits throughout 2019!

October 1, 2018 | Market Access Transformation

Acquiring an RPR™ license is a prudent way to utilize your leftover 2018 budget as credits can be leveraged across 2019 enabling you to get on demand global payer insight during 12 months from purchase date.

RPR™ – our online payer research platform, allows healthcare stakeholders to secure immediate, expert feedback from the largest and most diverse global payer network. With an RPR™ license, you can gain payer feedback and strategic insight on:
• Clinical trials and outcomes research designs
• Formulary positioning value drivers
• Gaps or unmet needs
• Market dynamics, opportunities and threats
• New products or indications
• Product value arguments, propositions and messaging
• Reimbursement barriers and pricing