Start the New Year off right with RPR™!

January 1, 2019 | Market Access Transformation

Planning for your 2019 Payer Engagement initiatives? RPR™ is the right solution for you!

Whether you need a quick understanding of unexpected market changes or an in-depth analysis of payer perspective, MAT can deliver unparalleled insight to support your product’s clinical and commercial strategies in as little as 5 days. Here's how:

  • Robust Payer Insight on Demand. Field a survey to payers at any time using our secure, online portal and receive responses in as little as 5 days.

  • RPR™ Global Payer Network. Hundreds of national, regional and local level payers from over 30 countries are already vetted and ready to participate in a survey based on their expertise and background so insight is relevant to your specific needs.

  • Dynamic Approach. Our agile methodology allows for direct payer engagement with the ability to ask clarifying and following-up questions to obtain the most robust feedback.

  • Semi-Quantitative Methodology. Quantitative and qualitative studies coupled with payer rationale and seasoned consultants' assessments generate 3-dimensional insight.

  • MAT Expert Support. Our team of expert consultants guide you throughout the project providing support with questionnaire development and meaningful actionable recommendations.

  • Insight Report. Our technology combined with our team's expertise allow for a more meaningful interaction between manufactures and payers which results in robust insight and relevant recommendations.