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About Rapid Payer Response™ 

Rapid Payer Response (RPR) is an agile, on-demand platform that allows you to conduct the most robust, insightful, research via direct payer engagement. 

A technology driven platform honed by experts.

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RPR provides the most robust and timely insights available from any provider, anywhere.


Our innovative and unique, online platform makes it possible to run surveys at any time with our network of over 2500 vetted, global payers. Within days, feedback can be analyzed by our market access consultants, who are then able to go back to payers and ask for clarifications or pursue new lines of inquiry based on emerging themes, changing requirements, or market shifts. RPR ensures that the most robust insights are collected in order to inform a successful market access strategy – all in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional payer research project. Download the overview or schedule a demo.


RPR is available via a 12-month credit-based subscription, tailored to your research needs and budget. See the purchase options.

RPR Benefits
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How it works

RPR offers far reaching capabilities and advantages over traditional, interview-based research methods. Download the RPR Overview to learn more >

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Why RPR is unique

RPR creates a new paradigm in stakeholder research that provides agility that drives both versatility, and robustness.


RPR is responsive and flexible – able to shift focus and reprioritize due to changing requirements as well as environmental and market considerations and shifts.  




RPR can be used globally, across treatment areas and a product's lifecycle. Our diverse, global network of payers ensures that there is always the right set of stakeholders to answer any set of questions, no matter how specialized.


RPR enables ongoing interaction with payers throughout the research process. The platform allows for the further exploration of trends and the pursuit of new lines of inquiry resulting in new and richer insights.   




The numbers speak for themselves

Over the past five years, MAT has become a trusted research partner to some of the top Pharma companies around the world.

60+ Manufacturers

700 Projects


93% Renewal Rate


“We are always designing economic models, but have little opportunity to gain payer feedback in an iterative process. RPR is a great because it allows us to get the right amount of payer feedback or response to our model inputs before submitting in our global dossier."

 - Director, Pipeline global HEOR, Immunology

“RPR is a fantastic tool. I can now show up to cross functional team meetings with insight from global payers to demonstrate the payer perspective for all the questions coming my way."

 - VP, Global Market Access

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