See how Rapid Payer Response™ was used to test clinical trial plan for a new treatment in neurology, and how actionable insight was obtained to inform the development process

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In a recent payer research project, a top ten pharmaceutical manufacturer used RPR™ to obtain insight and recommendations on the clinical development plan for a new treatment in neurology. The clinical trial design was assessed in this research to ascertain acceptance and how it could be adjusted to increase relevance amongst payers. In addition to that, the target product profile (TPP) was tested to determine the importance of endpoints in payers’ treatment assessment, along with the meaningfulness of the outcomes in formulary decision making.

Following the development plan assessment, the likely actions payers would take as a result of the evidence were sought to include class review, price/formulary re-negotiation and PA revision. Once initial phase of the project was gathered and analyzed, the trial design and TPP were updated after client’s internal discussion. This updated development plan was then re-tested with the same payers to understand the implications of the changes made.

The project was conducted in the US with commercial payers, including Medical Directors, Pharmacy Director and Pharmacy Benefit Managers. Actionable insight was delivered to the client allowing them to update their clinical trial design and understand the implications of the additional evidence on their existing indications.

Only the RPR™ allows our client to test their clinical design plan in a multi-wave research projects at a third of the time and cost of traditional interview-based approach.

Due to our agile methodology, projects conducted through the RPR™ platform are unrestricted by the time pressure associated with traditional payer research allowing our client to conduct the survey in a multi-wave format to understand payer’ viewpoint and to obtain richer in-depth payer feedback by re-testing the updated clinical trial plan and TPP. In addition to that, our semi-quant approach enabled endpoints and outcomes to be assessed quantitatively to obtain an overall picture with detailed recommendations provided qualitatively by our team of expert consultants.

Rapid and robust payer insight accompanied by actionable recommendations.

RPR™ is being used not only to conduct quick topline assessments but also to obtain robust payer insight. Our innovative technology combined with our consultants’ expertise allows for direct dialogue with payers along with comprehensive data analysis providing our client with Insight Report and actionable recommendations to:

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  • Amend study design to guarantee resonance with payers
  • Refine endpoints refined to ensure meaningfulness to formulary decision making
  • Determine likely formulary outcome as a result of the evidence package
  • Ascertain implications of evidence availability on existing indications

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