See how RPR™ was used to gain payers perspective on indication consideration for the use of biologics in population with moderate psoriasis

In a recent survey, on behalf of a top pharmaceutical client, MAT leveraged RPR™ to assess payers perspective on indication consideration for the use of biologics in moderate psoriasis population, possible reimbursement strategies and likely pricing outcomes. In other to achieve the set objectives, the survey was conducted across 5 countries with 30 payers to determine reimbursement strategy, discount criteria, and incremental discount vs. flexibility dosing.

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Only the RPR™ platform provides robust analysis to assess payer perception within a 3-week deadline allowing our client to gain insight on accepted definition of moderate psoriasis, and to identify possible reimbursement strategies and likely pricing outcomes.

With MAT’s expert consultants full support, the survey questions were strategic developed to meet our client’s specific goals and needs. Once payer responses were received (5 days), our consultants analyzed the answers, requested further clarification where necessary, and elaborated an RPR™ insight report which included key finds on:

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  • Accepted definition of moderate psoriasis
  • Precedent to use biologics for moderate psoriasis
  • Reimbursement status and restrictions
  • Discount requirements for coverage and reimbursement
  • Co-relation between incremental discount and flexible dosing

Our ‘semi-quant’ approach enables our client to gain meaningful, in-depth payer responses.

The RPR™ platform through its ‘semi-quant’ approach supplements quantitative data points with qualitative justifications that provided the ability to explain numerical differences with sound validity coming from the accompanied qualitative rationale. With such robust payer insight, our client was able to identify the existence of precedent to use biologics for moderate psoriasis which supported the adoption of new reimbursement strategy for their product.

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