Only Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR) allows manufacturers to conduct a two-phase payer research project in 4 weeks at a third of the cost and time of traditional interview-based surveys

In a recent payer research project, a top ten pharmaceutical manufacturer used RPR™ to assess payer willingness to pay and perception of value for Product X, a treatment of viral induced exacerbations in patients with COPD. The survey was carried out in two phases with 20 US payers and 20 European payers:

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Our unique ‘semi-quant’ methodology enabled our client to gain precise and in-depth responses used to assess payer perception of value and likelihood of coverage for Product X

Due to our 'semi-quant' methodology, survey questions were elaborated in such structure allowing our client to obtain quantitative data supported by payer rationale and in-depth responses.

Findings: As a treatment of COPD exacerbations, 70% of the US payers considered it “likely” to “very likely” to be covered by their health plans. However, European payers were less positive about the value of Product X, with 65% of them suggesting that Product X might not get a positive reimbursement decision; 20% suggested that coverage will be conditional on RWD being provided and supporting patient-relevant benefits.

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Through RPR™ we facilitated direct engagement with payers to also understand how they will use clinical guidelines when reviewing and making coverage consideration for Product X.

In addition to our ‘semi-quant’ methodology, our technology enables for direct payer engagement with the ability to ask clarifying questions to understand use of guidelines when reviewing and making coverage consideration for Product X.

Findings: For US payers, 90% stated that they will utilize external guideline sources when making coverage determination, while 70% of European payers prefer national-level guidelines/treatment pathways.

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