See how our client utilized RPR™ to conduct a 6 country, 35 payer TPP assessment in 3 WEEKS!

At Market Access Transformation (MAT) we are committed to deliver unparalleled global payer insights to support our clients’ product’s clinical development and commercial strategies through our RPR™ platform, a revolutionary online platform for manufacturers to seek ‘on demand’ payer insight in a matter of days. In a recent survey, on behalf of a top-10 pharmaceutical client, MAT leveraged RPR™ to conduct a multi-scenario target product profile (TPP) assessment for a novel product in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to accomplish a set of objectives.

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Only the RPR™ platform provides robust analysis to assess payer perception within a 3-week deadline allowing our client to identify and act on key market barriers/changes.

MAT’s expert consultants fully supported in the development of valuable questions aligned client’s goals and needs. Once payer responses were received (5 days), our consultants analyzed the answers and elaborated an RPR™ insight report which included:

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  • A Pinpointed relative ranking of top key drivers influencing payer decision -making in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Payer perceptions on key strengths and weaknesses of multiple TPP scenarios
  • Identify expected reimbursement & pricing outcomes for each TPP scenario

Our dynamic survey-based approach enabled our client to further probe by asking clarification and follow-up questions.

The RPR™ platform contains a project status module which provided the client with ‘real-time’ viewing of payer verbatims through the portal enabling the client and MAT’s market access experts to further probe by asking clarification and follow-up questions resulting in the most robust feedback.

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Founded by industry veterans, MAT specializes in developing cutting edge technologies that enable the healthcare community to gather and exchange insight that assess the real-world potential of their products. MAT offers an online, information exchange platform, Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR), that allows healthcare stakeholders to secure immediate, expert feedback from the largest and most diverse online global payer network.