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Our Payer Network

Our Payer Network is unique, in that it is a global group of vetted experts ready to answer questions and surveys 24/7. Healthcare stakeholders from around the world are available to provide highly specific input on some of the most challenging market access questions.

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Global Payer Network
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We have turned payer recruitment and engagement into a science. Our Payer Engagement team scours the globe for the most reputable experts, who then go through a rigorous QA and testing process before joining our network. Each healthcare stakeholder is tagged and classified according to their area of expertise and location so that when a client has a particular question, we are able to find the most appropriate expert to provide the most robust response.


Learn how to join our network, or contact us to learn more about how you can use our platform for all of your payer research and market access initiatives - regardless of treatment area or location. By developing complex, multi-faceted surveys, we provide the most robust, timely insights available. 

How Stakeholders are Selected

Our global healthcare stakeholders are recruited and vetted by our Payer Engagement Team - a group of dedicated professionals who seek out the most accomplished and reliable payers to participate in research initiatives.

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To learn more about how our Payer Network is unique and can provide the most robust insights for your market access research initiatives, please book a demo. 

If you are a payer wanting to find out more about the benefits of participation, please visit our Payer Information area.


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