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Market Access Transformation Launches Envision™, a New Payer Research Platform that Forecasts the Market Access Viability of Recently Approved Products

Envision is the only syndicated research platform that provides forward thinking evaluations of the market access viability for a product after it has received positive EMA or FDA guidance.

SHORT HILLS, NJ. – February 17, 2022 – Market Access Transformation (MAT), widely known for revolutionizing the payer research space with its first offering, Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR), today announced the launch of its new syndicated research platform, Envision. Envision joins RPR as part of a suite of agile technology platforms that enable healthcare manufacturers to gather insights and assess the commercial viability of their products.

The new platform, currently focused on Oncology, was created to provide manufacturers insight from the global payer community significantly earlier than previously possible for products having just received positive regulatory guidance.

“Prior to Envision, a pharmaceutical manufacturer would have to wait six months to a year after regulatory approval to learn anything. We knew that if we could leverage what we had built with RPR, we could do our own preemptive research and get this critical information into the hands of our clients at a time when it can make significant difference for them, which is incredibly exciting, and entirely new,” said Baiju Aurora, CEO of MAT. “We created Envision because we know that environments and market landscapes change so fast, and our clients need to be able to pivot on a moment’s notice.”

Envision makes it possible for subscribers of the platform to learn from reimbursement decisions ahead of time, by looking at similar products, scenarios, and analogs to uncover challenges as well as strategies for success.

“We are leveraging the unique capabilities of our RPR platform to conduct our own forecasts and assessments – fielding surveys with our vetted, global network of payers – to gather deep insights and sentiments about these new products earlier than ever before. This is a game changer,” said Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Head of Operations for MAT. “We take this data and then create rich, multi-dimensional, online assessments that make the findings incredibly accessible and meaningful for our clients. We are leading with Oncology but will be launch other treatment areas in the near future.”

The Envision platform is powered by technology, but also guided by a team of market access expert consultants who continually monitor the FDA & EMA websites to select the relevant Oncology products to assess. Dr. Singh indicates that it is important to choose products to investigate that can serve as useful analogs to a wide audience and have broad appeal. Subscribers of the platform will have a unique and beneficial lens into the current developments in the pricing and access landscape for Oncology products that will help them be proactive with their own strategies, resulting in tremendous gains in knowledge and savings in time.

MAT will be presenting the Envision and Rapid Payer Response platform at the upcoming World EPA Conference in Amsterdam March 22-24, as well as ISPOR in Washington DC May 15-18.

Founded by industry veterans, MAT specializes in developing cutting edge technologies that enable the healthcare community to gather and exchange insight that assess the real-world potential of their products. MAT offers an online, information exchange platform, Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR), that allows healthcare stakeholders to secure immediate, expert feedback from the largest and most diverse online global payer network.

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