New Pricing Module within the Rapid Payer ResponsePlatform!

July 18, 2019 | Market Access Transformation

Our team continues to make key improvements to the portal to provide manufacturers and payers with outstanding user experience. We have recently made significant updates to the RPR™ platform, including the launch of a Pricing Module  which leverages our technology driven approach to deliver an instant interplay of value, price sensitivity, willingness to pay and cost.

 Our new Pricing Module permits the triangulation of: 

  1. Semi-quantitative Van Westendorp: Payers not only state prices ranging between acceptable to prohibitively expensive price points defining acceptability thresholds but also provide a rationale for each choice (vs. traditional phone interview approach where there is only time for quantitative answer), which arms our clients with a robust defense of strategy incorporate price perceptions into pricing decisions

  2. Gabor-Granger pricing method: With RPR™ payers see randomized pricing points to provide their preference therefore limiting bias which occurs in a prescriptive price ladder testing through traditional phone interview-based approach

  3. Qualitative Price Rationale: For price levels deemed too expensive, payers provide a set of fully qualitative rationale on the impact of restrictions and mitigation measures which can be put into place.

 This new pricing model arms our clients with actionable recommendations for cross-function and senior management team allowing manufacturers to make informed decisions on their pricing & market access strategy.


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