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May 15, 2019 | Market Access Transformation

Can I really get robust global payer insight from an online platform? And in 5 days?

With Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR), you can!

RPR™ is a revolutionary online platform that provides manufacturers with global payer insight on demand in as little as 5 days without compromising on robustness or quality.

Here is how:

  1. Robust Payer Insight on Demand. Field a survey at any time to payers using our secure, online portal and receive responses in as little as 5 days.

  2. RPR™ Global Payer Network. Proactive approach to payer recruitment – payers are already vetted and ready to participate in a survey based on their expertise and background.

  3. Dynamic Survey-Based Approach. Ability to further probe by asking clarification and follow-up questions directly through the portal which enables the most robust feedback from payers.

  4. Semi-Quantitative Methodology. Get RPR™ quantitative precision coupled with payer rationale to enable true 3-dimentional insight.

  5. MAT Expert Support. Our team of expert consultants guide you throughout the project providing support with questionnaire development and meaningful actionable recommendations.

  6. Insight Report. Our technology combined with our team's expertise allow for a more strategic interaction between manufactures and payers which results in robust insight and relevant recommendations.