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It all started when…

We are excited to announce the release of Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR) 2.0!

May 1, 2018 | Market Access Transformation

Our team has made key feature and user experience improvements to the portal to provide manufactures and payers with a cleaner and easier-to-use interface to generate even more robust and high-quality feedback from payers.

Here are some of the innovative and upgraded features in the RPR™ 2.0:


  • Table of response enables the comparison of related data points within in a single question

  • Points allocation evaluates comparative weighting and strength of response across a number of options

  • Drag and drop ranking fresh and intuitive way for payers to prioritize a number of options/ attributes

  • More informative fields supplement quantitative data points with qualitative justification


  • Customized rating scales can now be created and saved for re-use i future questions and surveys, improving consistency and speeding up question writing

  • Question preview allows for you to view how questions will appear to payers as your create them

  • New disclaimer bank enables re-use of disclaimers for easier survey authoring

  • Advanced preview and test allows variant survey layouts to be viewed and tested as they will look to a payer from a specific country and to be exported for review outside the RPR™ portal