Utilize RPR™ to test your HEOR program!

April 1, 2018 | Market Access Transformation

RPR™, our secure, online survey platform, enables you to directly access our Global Payer Network to seek ‘on demand’ payer feedback in a matter of days (5 days on average). Our dynamic platform facilitates the capability of asking both qualitative and quantitative questions as well as the ability to ask additional clarifying and follow-up questions resulting in the most robust global payer insight at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad boards or phone-based interviews.

Our clients have leveraged RPR™ to obtain payer feedback on areas such as:

  • Testing HEOR value messages or Field HEOR ‘reactive decks’

  • Validating economic modeling parameters (e.g., framework, assumptions, end-points, health states, sensitivity analyses, etc.)

  • Vetting evidence generation strategy (e.g., observational studies, real-world data analyses, registries, PRO instruments, etc.)

  • Deposition competitors HEOR messaging by reverse engineering strategy behind their publications

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