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Celebrating 5 years of RPR

Five years ago, we launched RPR™ with the goal of finding ways to revolutionize Payer Research. We knew that building a team of market access experts, partnered with vetted, high-quality payers and stakeholders, operating on an agile engagement platform would fundamentally change the way Payer Research is conducted.

Five years later, the stats speak for themselves. Our clients are “Researching Smarter” each and every day with RPR™ - getting not only the fastest results but the deepest and most meaningful insights as well.

  • Over 600 projects delivered

  • Projects completed in an average of 3 weeks

  • 1,300 payers in our Global Payer Network

  • 8,381 uniquely curated questions developed

We are proud to share our success over the past five years and look forward to our continued collaboration!


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