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The Envision™ Platform

Envision is the only syndicated research platform that provides forward thinking evaluations of the market access viability for a product after it has received positive EMA or FDA guidance. 

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Envision provides subscribers of the platform with access to assessments that forecast reimbursement decisions in advance of market access decisions. Leveraging the RPR platform, we conduct proactive payer research that creates highly insightful scenarios and analogs that uncover challenges as well as strategies for success.  

Focused on Oncology, with other treatment areas soon to follow, Envision provides manufacturers with insight from the global payer community significantly earlier than previously possible for products having just received positive regulatory guidance.


Envision is available in a 12-month, seat based subscription. Contact us for more information.

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Critical insights and learnings are made available much earlier than previously possible and can dramatically impact the success of your go to market strategies.


Envision's unique value includes:

Broad Appeal: Our assessments focus on innovative treatments that have unique outcomes and appeal to a wide audience

Competitive Advantage: Access to forecasts provides subscribers with a competitive edge when developing their own market access strategies

Accessible Format: Assessments are presented in a well-organized, highly usable, online dashboard that make it easy to understand the insights and analysis

Learn more by downloading the overview >





Any individual, department, or organization with an inline or pipeline product in Oncology can benefit from Envision. Within Oncology, there is a complex pricing and market access environment, but there are many similar situations and analogs that occur across tumor types or hematological malignancies that can provide valuable learnings. Our objective is to find and uncover these learnings as soon as possible. 

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